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Html2exe is the fastest way to produce an e-book.  The compiler has been optimized to handle thousands of html pages per minute.
With Html2exe you can produce an e-book in just 3 steps:  Select your home page, click the compile button and set your options, then click the build button.  Your e-books are also very easy to distribute because everything is compiled into a single file.
Unlike other compilers, the html and images in an html2exe e-book cannot be extracted from the e-book.  The content of the e-books are also compressed and encrypted.  That means it is almost impossible for other people to copy your work. 
Html2exe does all the work for you!  Some compilers make you specify which files to compile.  With html2exe you can just select your home page and html2exe will decide which other files are needed, even if they are in sub folders.
and now with version 2.2...
Html2exe includes a full site search engine and search bar. Just enter a search phrase and your e-book automatically gives you an easy to use sidebar with links to all the pages that match your search text.
HTML2EXE is the fastest, smartest and easiest way to compile and distribute your HTML e-books on and off the web.
With html2exe you can compile single pages or entire web sites into an easily distributable application.  Html2exe takes all your html and images files and compresses them into a single e-book file which you can distribute on CD, floppy or even by e-mail.

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